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Subject: Re: [cduce-users] CDuce in OCaml

I am sending this message personally rather than to the mailing list 
because my posts are rejected on account of the fact that my provider's 
DNS is not configured correctly, so that a forward lookup of correctly results in, but a reverse 
lookup of the latter address results in a meaningless name, totally 
unrelated to my own domain.

Daniele Varacca wrote:
> My modest contributions to this brainstorming:
> CCaml (with the first C of CDuce)
> or 
> XCML (with the C of CDuce), to be pronounced Xcamel  
> which has both CDuce and XML in it.
>         Daniele

Keep in mind that Xcaml--pronounced Xcamel--is already taken. It is a
programming language and application server for the web based on 
Objective Camel. Xcaml is actually a registered trademark.


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