Cduce on very large files

andrew.p.cone at andrew.p.cone at
Sun Dec 10 20:25:01 CET 2006


I am working with an XML file that is 1.8GB. I need to do some specific actions for each tag. I have been writing in Perl, but I am getting tired of it's ugliness, and I'd like something cleaner and strongly typed.

I am an OCaml fan, so I thought I'd try using CDuce/OCamlDuce. But it seems the only way to load in the XML file is to use the load_xml function. Will this work for a file that's 1.8GB? Is there some way to have CDuce work like a parser, so that it doesn't need to hold the entire abstract syntax tree in memory?

I just don't want to spend a work day learning CDuce if it isn't the right tool. I can always use Ocamlyacc, but if possible, I'd like to use CDuce.

Andrew Cone

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