Mailing lists

Giuseppe Castagna Giuseppe.Castagna at
Mon Jul 7 14:29:47 CEST 2003

Dear all,

   this is just to let you know that I've added a page about mailing
lists on There you will discover the existence of other
lists, that is devel, announce, staff. For the moment the only active
list is the one you subscribed to, users at, hope that the others
will be soon usable.
   For the persons of the CDuce team, I propose to switch our
discussions on the devel or users lists according whether it may be of
interest to cduce users or not. For instance we could carry on our
discussion about document validation and explicit coercions on devel
(when all the the devel will be subscribed of course).
   Please also use english when posting to users at (for devel
French is still ok)



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